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Guest Presentations
every Tuesday evening
7:15 - 9:15pm

Every month as the Quest Training doors open, we are inspired by the beautiful souls who have the courage to take on their lives and go the distance on their personal journey. As their “Quest for Life” begins, every trainee feels the connection. They realize that each of their choices have meaning and impact – not only on themselves, but in those around them.

Our Quest Trainings overflow with miracles, breakthroughs, and healing. Trainees jump right in and take it on. Saturday evening graduations are filled with sharing, music, laughter and love…truly “A Night to Remember.” As Quest Angels, you are walking side by side with us. You are living the training in your lives. You are showing up as who you truly are. Yes, you are the angels who are changing this world.

As Trainers, you can count on us to continue to remember who we are and our purpose in life as we serve this powerful training and vision. You can count on us to go the distance every month as we walk into the training room to teach and empower your friends and loved ones. You can count on us to continue to carry the light of humanity to wake-up. We are a STAND for free, unconditionally loving and harmonious living. Thank-You for being in partnership with us, you are our “Angels.” Together, we are waking up the world, one soul at a time. To our Beautiful Impact Graduate Angels, we say Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-you.

We invite you to reach out today and empower a friend, co-worker or family member to step into the training and discover the amazing possibilities for deeper growth and learning in all areas of their lives and remember…you can “Count on us to go the Distance!!!”

Love and Blessings from your Quest Trainers!

From The Teen Training To...
Quest, Summit and Lift Off

I have been raised around the Impact Trainings, ever since I was two. I thought I knew what went on, but I was unaware. I have done all the trainings up to Lift Off, which is what I am currently doing. The Teen Training did wonders for me. I became aware of all the walls I put up to hide away from the world. I became aware of what kind of image I put off, and how I was seen and experienced by others. The Teen Training was great! I am even more grateful for it now! I am in touch with the fact that by doing the Teen Training, before I came into Quest, I was a lot more open minded. I built on that foundation in Quest. I went into Quest to experience courage and communication, but I came out of Quest so much more open. I learned to forgive. I now have unconditional love for everybody and everything. I learned that everything serves its perfect purpose. I am in touch with the truth that I am a light in this world. I found acceptance within myself and others. I literally look at everybody now and look into their souls. I see past the physical body and I see the true beauty of their soul. I became a man of integrity. I see that my choices have results and so I choose to make choices with results that serve me and the light. Quest was life changing for me. I get to experience life on a new level.

Noah Christensen LO 290

Impactful Parenting

Learn how to raise positive kids in a negative world. This training is for parents, siblings, grandparents, teachers, baby sitters, coaches and anyone who lives or works with children. Learn how to teach children to be accountable and bring guidelines into your child’s life. Know what it takes to raise healthy, happy, respectful children the “Impact way.”
Graduates and Non-Graduates Welcome / $98 Tuition / 10am - 7pm
Trained by Hans and Sally Berger

An Amazing Journey of Mastery!!

As you complete your core trainings, you are ready for the next natural step.

Life Mastery Training I & II

Why Join The Life Mastery Trainings? Life Mastery Training is the journey that continues to expand your conciousness. Tune into the radiation of light and energy around yourself and all living things. Learn to create miracles, far beyond Quest, Summit & Lift-Off. Fully experience the authentic expression of your “Divine Nature.”

The first weekend of LMT was not only amazing it was spiritual and I felt such a huge connection to my Creator. I haven’t been the same since! I have created healing in many relationships in my life. As I have focused on the love I have in my heart and the love I have for others, my former spouse and his new wife have gone through Lift Off. The tools I have gained in LMT have created clarity, connection and peace within me. I am focused on the now, and the future I am creating for myself and my children. I use the tools I have learned every day. I love the path of mastery!

Sam Campbell
L.O. 251 / L.M.T. 3

My experience with Life Mastery Training has been one of incredible insight, growth, gratitude and humility. To know that I truly am not alone in this life journey has been a great source of peace for me. I utilize the tools that I learned in Life Mastery Training to connect myself moment to moment to the Source of all that is in the greatest sense of light, love, peace, freedom, and gratitude that I have ever felt. It is truly a gift that I get to give to myself daily, moment to moment. I know the angels rejoice as I walk with them on this journey, there could be nothing greater than this. Albert Einstein once said, “Only one who devotes themselves to a cause with their whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason Mastery demands ALL of a person”. What greater learning and knowing could there ever be than for me to be the Master of my Life and assist and walk with the greatest Masters of all...all of you!

Todd Barber
L.O. 260 / L.M.T. 3

Call Judy Daniel at the Impact Training Center to register for Life Mastery I & II ~ 801-572-9700 or 888-777-4454

Living the Training!

The Impact Training assisted me in finding the freedom, love, passion, commitment, and a life partner I always knew I deserved. For the past 24 years I had lost myself in beliefs I made up in my mind. I knew I deserved new results in my life, so I took it on when I dove into the trainings. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, however I knew deep inside that Impact was something I got to do. This is the first time I did something for myself. Since I completed my core training, my life has been filled with miracles every day. I am able to create results in my life that work for me.

Taunica Crump
L.O. 286

Impact Training has assisted me in all areas of my life. Before attending the Impact Trainings I felt lost, incomplete, and alone. By going through the trainings, I have been able to let go of the pain, fear, and judgment of myself and others, which led me to find who I AM. I am now in tune with the love in my heart and have the self confidence to take on my life and to be the person I always have wanted to be. I connect with people on a much deeper level, I’m following my passions, and I am empowered to take on all the wonderful new possibilities in my life that lie ahead of me. Impact has guided me to find all of this within myself and has truly been one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

Katie Sandberg
L.O. 290

“A Powerful Partnership”

Is there someone in your life that you know deserves the Quest training? Have you spoken with them and feel like it would serve for someone else to reach out to them? Call the Impact Training Center (801-572-9700) and give us their name and number and we would love to call your family, friends or loved ones. We can be a powerful partnership. Let them know that an office staff memeber from Impact Trainings will be calling them, to give them more information and answer all of their questions.

Be prepared to give us the following information as you invite Impact to be in partnership with you. Relationship name, home and cell phone number

This is a powerful way to empower!

Relationship name, home and cell phone number

The Impact Banner Hall of Fame is Growing

Come on over to Impact Training and pick up an “Impact Banner.” As you travel to places in your state or around the world, just take a picture of you holding this Impact banner. E-mail your pictures to us and we will put your picture on our website. Just imagine! You can be part of the “Impact Banner Hall of Fame”. Check out our website to see all the places people have traveled. The next one can be YOU!

Join the Impact Training facebook to communicate with other graduates and about the miracles you are creating in your life and keep up with all the Impact Training dates and events.
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Create value in your life and in the lives of others. Come and staff Summit or Lift Off!!


Impact Training

Yes! Yes! Yes! Impact is on the web every Tuesday night for a conference call/webinar.

Every Tuesday evening at the Impact Training Center is a time to learn more and have your guests questions answered. We are so excited to be online and presenting to more guest from all over the world. Our presentation is at 8:00pm (Utah time). Call us right now to get your name on our email list for the Guest Presentation Webinar or email us at

What it means to be an Angel!.

Being an angel is a beautiful opportunity, honor and a blessing! It is amazing to walk alongside someone as they create joy and love in their life! It is so exciting to see our family and friends having breakthroughs and letting go of their baggage and moving forward with power and passion! When we angel someone in the training we learn so much ourselves as we hear our family and friends share. We are inspired every month we have someone in Quest. We personally have had the experience of growing deep meaningful relationships by angeling others through their Impact Trainings.

Ron and Elary Brown L.M.T. 3

To share your breakthroughs and blessings about being an angel, email us at

Reach Out & Touch Someones Life...

The Time is Now!!


Be the Change!
By Justin Atkinson

We have all heard many times that “Life is a Classroom.” In this classroom we learn lesson after lesson. In fact the same lesson may be repeated over and over again until we actually “wake up” and embrace the lesson. Whether we are consciously aware of it or not, everyone is engaged in his/her own course of study. Each situation we engage in has opportunities for us to remember our loving wise, creative, peaceful, joyful nature.

To assist us in the classroom of life, we are given the gift of relationships. Though our relationships may vary in intensity and challenge,...some being easy and joyful and others being fraught with struggle and confusion. We can move forward and learn the lesson by choosing to heal the pain and thus create a ripple effect of healing in our world.

There is a destiny that makes us all family. None goes his/her way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own. Family is built on love, sharing, mutual support, assisting each other’s desires, and a camaraderie that goes with loving, working, playing and serving together.
Inherently within each of us, is the desire that united we can accomplish all things.

What is your ripple effect creating in your relationships? Your ripple effect can take many forms. Giving of your time, money and talents are but a few, but BEING who you are is the greatest gift you can give your relationships. So as a great mind once said, “Be the change you wish to see in this world.” I challenge you to take a stand, make a difference in your world, your relationships and your family. BE that change as you reach out and empower your friends, family and co-workers to be in our Quest Training.

Tuesday Night Guest Presentations
are open to the public

“A time for sharing and caring”
Registration 7:00 pm ~ Begins 7:30 pm

Tuesday evenings are set aside for graduates to bring their friends, family and co-workers to our “hands on” introduction to the Quest Training. Tuesday Guest Presentations are infomative, fun, lively and very engaging. Your guests will experience a sampling of the Impact Training processes and have an opportunity to hear what graduates have to share as well as ask questions and gain clairty. After receiving a wealth of information and insight about the amazing value and possibilities that are available in life, guests are empowered to make their own decisions about taking the Quest Training into their lives.

Join the Impact Training facebook to communicate with other graduates and about the miracles you are creating in your life and keep up with all the Impact Training dates and events.

You Celebrated Lift-Off....Now What?

As you completed your core training, you are ready for the next powerful step on your journey.

Life Mastery is Amazing

Lift-Off has given you tools, however Life Mastery Training has Power Tools! Your Quest, Summit and Lift-Off are the foundation for you to step into being a Master. I have totally transformed my life since taking on my trainings. I have lost an incredible 108 pounds as I trust and love myself at a much higher level. However, the transformation on the inside is what has been incredible. Now I experience miracles every single day and am in partnership and gratitude in their creation!
My Heart To Yours -
Judy Daniel L.O. / L.M.T. 3

love being involved in the constant evolution of Life Mastery Training. I learned to live a life of truth, love, light and trust far beyond the core trainings.
Sid Jones / L.M.T. 3

In Life Mastery Training, truth is amplified 100 fold in my life. I am in such gratitude for the profound experience of L.M.T.
Carla Walker / L.M.T. 3

Life Mastery Training has opened another dimension to my training. No 2 trainings are the same. I continue to learn and remember.
Carolyn Larsen / L.M.T. 3

Call Judy Daniel at the Impact Training Center to register for Life Mastery I & II ~ 801-572-9700 or 888-777-4454

The Impact Banner Hall of Fame
Come on over to Impact Training and pick up an “Impact Banner.” As you travel to places in your state or around the world, just take a picture of you holding this Impact banner. E-mail your pictures to us and we will put your picture on our website and give you an Impact T-shirt. Just imagine! You can be part of the “Impact Banner Hall of Fame”. Check out our website to see all the places people have traveled. The next one may be YOU!

Quest Training - “The Quantum Leap Forward In Life”

Remember having the opportunity to release and let go of your limiting fixed beliefs and reclaiming your passion and standing in your personal power? NOW is the time for your friends, family and loved ones to experience their breakthroughs. Who would you like to share the gift of the Quest Training with?

The Goddess Training
A Womens Retreat
To Celebrate Your
Feminine Goddess Energy
$295 Tuition

Impactful Parenting
Learn powerful parenting skills that bring guidelines into your children’s lives, and learn what it takes to raise happy, healthy, respectful children
(the Impact way)
Non-Graduates Welcome / $98 Tuition

Teen Quest
(Ages 13 - 17)
The Teen Quest training is designed to provide insights and tools for teenagers to embrace self-esteem
$250 tuition

Youth/Pre-Teen Training

(Ages 6 - 12)
The Youth/Pre-Teen Trainings feature
personal growth, camaraderie, and the
development of trust.
$90 Tuition



Impact Training

The Impact Edge

News Flash!


Your Window of Opportunity Is Open Now!


As graduates inspire friends, co-workers, or family members to take on their lives in the November Quest Training, they are invited to bring a friend with them – Free of Charge!! Yes...this literally means you Blast off into the Harvest Season giving the amazing gift of the Quest Training to someone you love, and “they pass this gift on to someone they love.”
This is truly a Win/Win.

Act Now!
Now is the time to share the gift of Quest. Be the light in the lives of those you love and be the powerful shift you are in this world. No one else can BE your contribution. If not now, when?


3:00 pm to Approx. 11:30 pm
Idendifying the walls, the conflicting behaviors that are standing
in your way of success. Uncover the life patterns
that keep you stuck.
• What is not working for you in your life?
• What do you want to change?
• What dreams do you have for your life?
• What are you reasons for being
in the training?

3:00 pm to Approx. 11:30 pm
Discover the games that are
played from behind the walls.
Find out just how far you are willing
to go to have it all.
• What are the walls you live behind?
• What is the image you project?
• What are the games that are being played?
• How do you show up in life?
• Just how hidden have you become behind
the walls?

11:00 am to Approx. 11:30 pm
Let go of limiting beliefs you have carried
since childhood. learn to express your authentic self
• Let go of past painful events in your life.
• Learn to forgive yourself and others.
• Experience Unconditional Love.
• Claim freedom and new beginnings.

11:00 am to Approx. 9:30 pm
You discover that when being your authentic self in life you open up new possibilities for success in every aspect of your life.
• How can you show up for others in an
inspiring, empowering way in life?
• You develope a clear intent and committed
focus for your life.
• What are the possibilities for success in
your life?
• You enroll others to be in partnership with
• Where do you go from here?

Impact Training

Free All Graduate Training

Powerful Training! • Delightful Entertainment! • Fantastic Door Prizes!

Topic: “Stop Surviving – Start Thriving With Extraordinary Possibilities”

In this one day all graduate training you will:
Awaken a greater sensitivity to feel, heal and deal with life’s challenges.
Learn the 3 steps to changing anything in your life in a positive way!
Reclaim your personal “Path of Power” in a world of unlimited possibilities.

Non-Graduates Welcome!
Bring your friends, family, co-workers and experience a powerful day together, and a
wonderful start to a New Year.

Reserve Your Seats Now!!
Call the Impact Training Center and reserve the seats for you, your friends and your family. Talk to the office staff or leave your reservations on the Impact voicemail. Door prizes at the end of the training.
801-572-9700 ~ 888-777-4454


Impact Training


A Time of Gratitude

As we enter into the final months of the year 2011, I find myself in total amazement at the impact this year has had on my life. As I reflect back, it is almost overwhelming to really comprehend all the events that have taken place in this world.

Here at Impact, this year has blessed us with powerful lessons to grow. And grown we have. Our vision “To empower the human spirit towards free, unconditionally loving and harmonious living” has been enlarged by thousands of people.

This vision is now brighter and clearer than ever before. The struggles we have experienced in years past have always just been opportunities to master, and now they have turned into joyful blessings.The trainings have become even more powerful, and there is alignment and clarity. This will touch tens of thousands of people’s lives in the near future to make this world a more loving and abundant place to live. To all of you who have contributed to this clear and beautiful vision, thank-you.

It is for these and countless other reasons that my cup is overflowing with tenderness and gratitude as we approach this harvest season.

We are truly entering one of the most exciting times this world has ever experienced. Impact is committed to make a positive difference and bring about greater love and harmony in this world. Thank-You for being part of this vision. The Shift is ON!!

Impact Training


The Impact Edge